featured highlights include: MGM Growth Properties, AZZ, Pampa Energia, TrueBlue and Green Dot

<!–*/ */ /*–>*/ Chicago, IL –November 4, 2019 – Stocks in this week’s article are MGM Growth Properties LLC MGP, AZZ Inc. AZZ, Pampa Energia S.A. PAM, TrueBlue, Inc. TBI and Green Dot Corporation GDOT. A stock’s price-to-sales ratio reflects how much investors are paying for each dollar of revenues generated by the company. If the price-to-sales ratio is 1, it means that investors are paying $1 for every $1 of revenues generated by the company. So, it goes without saying that a stock with a price-to-sales below 1 is a good bargain, as investors need to pay less than a dollar for a dollar’s worth.   Thus, a stock with a lower price-to-sales ratio is a more suitable investment than a stock with a high price-to-sales ratio. When considering valuation metrics, price-to-earnings ratio has always been the obvious choice. This is because calculations based on earnings are easy and come in handy. However, price-to-sales has emerged as a convenient tool to determine the value of stocks that are incurring losses or are in an early cycle of development, generating meager or no profits. While a loss-making company with a negative price-to-earnings ratio falls out of ...

Razer gives its accessories a crisp ‘Mercury White’ overhaul

Razer already offers its popular Blade 15 laptop in a crisp “Mercury White” color, and now it’s bringing that same finish to loads of its accessories and peripherals. The new Mercury Collection stands in contrast to Razer’s usual black aesthetic, giving the accessories a clean and crisp look – with plenty of Chroma RGB lighting as well, of course. If you’re a fan of white electronics, then there’s a whole lot to like here. All of the entries in the 2019 Mercury Collection are available starting now in the U.S. and worldwide. Razer’s new 2019 Mercury White collection brings a crisp and clean look to much of its peripheral and accessory lineup. If you’ve got a thing for white electronics, then this is certainly a range worth a glance. Baby Shoes, Kids Shoes, Parent-Child Shoes, Baby Sneakers – Ling Feng,