With more and more advances in terms of technology, the demand for electrical and electronic equipment has grown drastically. Consistent innovations in the field of electrical and electronics technologies have further cut down the overall life of these products. This has led to more generation of e-waste. E-waste chiefly consists of computers, laptops, television sets, mobile phones, and other household electronic devices.

The global market for e-scrap and printed circuited board e-scrap could be segmented in terms of the different types of source and by type. The global market could also be segmented in terms of geography as well. Such in depth and precise segmentation of the global e-scrap and printed circuited board e-scrap market offered by the report helps in grasping the all-round growth prospects and the future outlook of the different segments of the market and thus, helping the potential buyers to make informed decisions while investing in the market.

The report on e-scrap and printed circuited board e-scrap market provides the analysis and forecast on regional as well as global level. It offers historical data of the year 2015 along with the anticipated data of 2016, and a forecast data up to year 2026 in terms of revenue as well as volume. The report also provide vital driving and impeding factors for the development of the global e-scrap and printed circuited board e-scrap market and their impact on each region over the duration of the given forecast period. The report also offers the value chain analysis of the market with a list of key players. The research report on the global market for e-scrap and printed circuited board e-scrap provides vital growth prospects and key trends and opportunities that may come up in the market over the course of the given forecast period. The research report is the result of in-depth and extensive primary as well as secondary research methodologies backed by crucial market insights offered by the industry professionals.

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The global market for e-scrap and printed circuited board e-scrap is chiefly driven by the increasing number of electronic products in households of urban areas. This growth in products can be attributed to growth in the disposable income of people in these areas. They are generating maximum amount e-waste from which recovering different metals is very important so as to save energy. In addition to this, recycling of this electronic waste also helps in bringing down the burden on the mining sector to provide primary metals.

Sustainable management of resources entails the segmentation of hazardous resources from the electronic waste and the maximum amount recover of vital metals. Thus, the e-waste recycling helps in cutting down the pollution, conserve energy, and cut down greenhouse emissions.

The global market for e-scrap and printed circuited board e-scrap can be segmented into five key regions depending upon the geography. The key regional segments of the market include North America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, Europe, and Latin America.

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Some of the key players plying their trade in the global market for E-scrap and printed circuit board (PCB) e-scrap market include names such as Boliden Group, Dowa Holdings Co. Ltd., Ultromext Ltd., Umicore N.V., and LS-Nikko Copper Inc. among others. These companies are projected to broaden their scrapping facilities to expand their business over the coming years of the forecast period. In addition to this, numerous players in the market are also expected to concentrate on streamlining their management of e-waste to make sure the sustainability of resource management and maximum recovery of the precious metals.

E-Scrap and printed circuit board (PCB) E-Scrap Market, by E-Scrap Source Household Appliances IT and Telecommunication Products Smartphones Entertainment Devices Others

E-Scrap and printed circuit board (PCB) E-Scrap Market, by PCB E-Scrap Type Telecommunications Circuit Cards Network Communication Boards Circuit Packs PC Motherboards Smartphones Others

E-Scrap and printed circuit board (PCB) E-Scrap Market, by Material Recovered (PCB E-Scrap) Ferrous Components Metals (Copper, Aluminum, Tin) Precious Metals (Gold, Silver, Palladium)

E-Scrap Market, by Region North America Europe Asia Pacific Middle East and Africa (MEA) South America

In addition, the report provides E-scrap generated, PCB E-Scrap generated, e-scrap recycling rate, demand estimates for e-scrap, demand estimates for PCB e-scrap analysis with respect to the following countries: The U.S. Canada UK Italy Spain France Germany Belgium The Netherlands Russia Japan China India Indonesia Thailand Philippines Singapore Malaysia Australasia Saudi Arabia UAE Kuwait Qatar South Africa Brazil Argentina Colombia Mexico

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