Saxx Vibe Boxer: Gym-Friendly Boxers for Men Review

Parting with £200 to re-stock my underwear drawer was both the toughest and easiest decision I could make. Tough because who spends that much on pants? Easy because once you’ve tried these on, like me, you’ll be chucking 10 boxes at the cashier and telling them to take your money immediately. Pants have become something of a fetish for me. No, not like that – but because so many undies are so uncomfortable, and I was desperate for a solution. For most, pants are the non-negotiable of your wardrobe. You wear them every day, so it makes sense to get them right. For years I avoided baggy boxers because of the annoying process of folding them down into my skinny(ish) jeans. Classic trunks didn’t really work, either. After any movement they would ruck up around my testicles, start chafing and require constant re-arranging. Enter, my saviour: the Saxx Vibe Boxer. Their nine-panel design to create all round support, giving your bum and balls a hug. They’re super soft, breathable and have a slim fit, minimising ruck. They are moisture-wicking and will combat odour so you will feel comfortable all day. The game-changing feature is their ‘ballpark pouch’, which separates scrotum from thi...

Next Level is expanding into Germany and Europe through an exclusive partnership with L-Shop-Team, a European

Next Level is expanding into Germany and Europe through an exclusive partnership with L-Shop-Team, a European textile wholesale distributor. The deal will extend the Gardena, CA-based supplier’s reach throughout most of Europe, according to the Advertising Specialty Institute. “We’re delighted to be launching our styles into Germany/EU, and even more so to be launching with L-SHOP-TEAM,” Mark Seymour, CSO at Next Level Apparel, said in a press release. “We are dedicated to adding a new dynamic to the German/EU market and earning another loyal fan base, giving German/EU customers the freedom to choose a garment that takes softness and printability to the next level.” Next Level Apparel recently expanded into the United Kingdom through a partnership with PenCarrie, a UK-based clothing wholesale distributor. Next Level also has distribution channels across Canada and Australia. Yoga Bra, Yoga Legging, Sport wear, Wricking Fabric, Shape wear – Yubo,